Planning A Derby Party

Set your list of invitees and make it official and fun by sending out a Derby themed invitations. Remember that an invitation is equal parts informative and festive. Be sure to specify “Derby attire”, so that everyone knows that this is a special affair. Be prepared with an inspirational suggestion if attendees are familiar with race day protocol.

Decorations are one of the keys to hosting a fun Derby party. For this event decorations can be used in a variety of different and fun ways. Here are a few items you can use that will help you perfectly pull this off – Plenty of Horse themed items, Roses, and Betting. Be creative and make the scene fun. Think seersucker or horse themed table cloth. This race is known as the Run for the Roses, so bouquets of roses (preferably red) would be perfect to place throughout your party area. There are quite a few opportunities for you to take bets on the race and present the winners with fun, small awards. We have a great selection of official and unofficial Derby decorations.

Create a photo booth for your friends and family to take memorable photos using fun Derby-themed props. Be sure to have bowties, roses, toy horses and festive hats available. Use a bed sheet (new or old) with a creative, festive design or create one that will mark the day. Having activities will help mingle the crowd and add a fun element to the party. A game of horseshoes or cornhole would certainly be in order. Have a betting station where guests can pick their odds on favorite. Be sure there is space enough for people to view the race itself.

Now one of the most important setups will be the bar, naturally. The Mint Julep is the drink of the Kentucky Derby. A simple cocktail that can be made ahead and left out for guests to help themselves. There are a couple of keys to making a good Mint Julep – real mint and crushed ice.

Having a variety of options is good depending on how large the party your having is. If you can make cocktails ahead of time you and your guest will enjoy more free time to mingle. Of course, also having the right drinkware is key as well. Check out our Derby themed Drinkware that will set your bar in the winners' circle.

There are a few food options when it comes to the Derby – Sliders, Hot Browns and Burgoo. Of course, BBQ and fried chicken would certainly be perfect for this occasion. For something fancy, but easy think Tea Sandwiches sare fun and easy. Be sure not to forget Pecan Pie and Bourbon balls. Here are a few Derby selections perfect for the buffet.

We know you’ll be the best host and have all your guests singing your praises. If you have any questions we’re here to help with a couple of suggestions.

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