Between The Vines

PRESQUILE Chardonnay 2020 | Santa Barbara, California $27.98 | $21.98

Serve at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, not super- cold as to better enjoy the mouthfeel and to experience the layers of aroma. Pair with a grilled whole Bronzini stuffed and decorated with farmers market herbs, veggies and lots of lemon slices.

BOLLIG LEHNERT ‘Trittenheimer Apotheke’ Riesling Kabinett 2019 | Mosel, Germany$23.99 | $21.99

Here is a style of wine often over-chilled, try this at 50 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit and you will find that there is a lovely viscosity to the wine reminiscent of the oil from an orange peel. Pair with some spicy brats off the grill for a regional matchup.

CHATEAU DE PIZAY Morgon 2020 | Beaujolais, France | $23.98 | $19.98

Serve just under cellar temperature around 55 degrees to amplify the freshness in this classic light-bodied red. Great along with a fresh pork chop off the grill hit with chopped choice herbs and a dab of crème fraiche. 

SEPP Zweigelt 2019 | Vienna Austria | $16.98 | $14.98

This is a great picnic red wine, serve it at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit and splash it around in paper cups… it has some grip, but it loves a chill. Great with smokey grilled asparagus dusted with grated Reggiano

MATYAS Sandwich Skin-Contact Pinot Gris 2018 |Slovakia | $19.99

Serve this orange beauty fairly well chilled at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit to sharpen the acid and really pop and refresh the pallet. Yellow tomatoes with feta, great oil and lemon drizzled atop.

PIROUETTES Ultraviolet 2020 |  Alsace, France | $ 32.99

Serve this fresh, electric purple blend of Alsatian red and white grapes at about 50 Fahrenheit, and watch it lend a floral bouquet and extra-long, exotic nuance to your senses. Pair up with the sweetest fresh fruit plate you can muster up!

FURLANI Altopiano Rosso NV | Alto Adige, Italy | $19.99

Chill this 100% non-sulfur-added Pinot Nero (Noir) to about 50 degrees and find a bittersweet fruit flavor reminiscent of cherry pop through. Wonderful with flat steak chimichurri.

Grochau ‘Commuter’ Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon 2021                $ 24.99- $22.99

Bring this lightly oaked, vibrant Pinot Noir down to low cellar temperature about 52 degrees, to highlight the nice acidity and to set the stage for a fun alfresco meal like a butterflied, grilled whole chicken with and fresh thyme or tarragon over rice.

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