The Real McCoy Single Blended Rum 12 yr.

750 ml Bottle
Our Distiller’s Proof rum is blended in 50 case small batches and bottled at our Master Distiller’s preferred 92 Proof (46% ABV.) Each batch of Distiller’s Proof comes from a small collection of unique barrels. No two batches are alike, and every bottle is hand-numbered. In the aging house, each barrel contains a blend of rum mixed from specific percentages of copper pot still and twin-column Coffey still distillates. Pot still distillate has a “heavy” flavor profile compared to the lighter style of distillate from the twin-column still. Therefore, as each individual blend is produced, it will contain either a heavy profile or a more traditional profile, depending on the barrel collection of the unique blend. See RumGeek & videos for more.
  • Brand: Foursquare Rum Distillery
  • Category: Spirits
  • Class: Rum
  • Type: Dark Rum
  • Style1: Aged Rum
  • Age/Vintage: 12 yr.
  • Origin: Barbados
  • ABV/Proof: 80
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • Package Size: 750 ml
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  • Aisle: 15

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