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Large Format Wines Make Great Gifts

Large format wines make great gifts any time of year and they make quite a statement when you're hosting a party. Large format wines are any bottles larger than a standard sized bottle (750 ml) and they all come with cool names too. Besides just looking cool, one of the major benefits of large format wine bottles is that they allow wines to age longer than the standard 750 ml bottle size. Additionally, because larger format wine bottles are made of thicker glass they are less like to experience temperature variations. Steady temperatures can help wine age more evenly. 

When you know you have a large gathering, whether it's a dinner party or large wedding, large wine format bottles are a fun way to make your event stand out. As for the wine lover, these unique bottle offerings are a cherished treasure and great display piece. 

Wine Bottle Sizes
750 ml - Standard - 6 glasses
1. 5 Liter Bottle - Magnum (2 standard bottles - 12 glasses)
3.0 Liter Bottle - Jeroboam (4 standard bottles - 24 glasses)
5.0 Liter Bottle - McKenzie (6.5 standard bottles - 36 glasses)
6.0 Liter Bottle - Methuselah (8 standard bottles - 48 glasses)

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