Gran Vida Blanco Tequila

  • Gran Vida Blanco Tequila
750 ml Bottle
Gran Vida uses only the best agave from Jalisco are baked in a combination of autoclave and traditional “hornos” ovens, resulting in an ultra-smooth Tequila. Slow fermentation requiring 48-60 hours yields a more full-bodied Tequila and a greater concentration of the agave flavor, versus a typical 10-12-hour rapid fermentation. Spanish for “great life,” Gran Vida celebrates the spirit of the modern and colorful culture of Mexico. 100% Blue Agave with 50% from the highlands and 50% from the lowlands. The highland agave imparts a fruity complexity with notes of mango, pineapple, and floral honey, while the lowland agave imparts spicier flavors of aged black tea, tajin, and smoked poblano. Medium-to-full body that exudes the nature of tequila; fresh, vibrant, and celebratory.
  • Brand: Gran Vida
  • Category: Spirits
  • Class: Tequila
  • Type: Silver Tequila
  • Origin: USA
  • ABV/Proof: 80
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • Package Size: 750 ml
  • In Stock (413)
  • Aisle: 13-14

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