Copper and Kings Destillare Intense Chocolat

  • Copper and Kings Destillare Intense Chocolat
750 ml Bottle
Made with Copper Pot-Distilled American Brandy, Caribbean Cacao Nibs & Honey. We use real chocolate cacao nibs. During extended maceration in the barrel the natural cocoa butter is released within the spirit. This can cause a natural sheen or even a slight “truffle” in the bottle. SHAKE WELL BEFORE SERVING. Destillaré artisanal potations add balance, flavor intensity and natural complexity to inventive cocktails. Nose: Intense dark chocolate. Luscious, toffee, very light coffee and vanilla aromas, hints of tropical florals. Palate: Not sweet and syrupy, or thick and sticky – lightly viscous and earthy. Very nicely balanced with sweetness from the honey with a faint natural dark chocolate bitterness on the back-end. Deliciously complex with barrel-aged brandy smoothness. Finish Dark chocolate all day long – tip of the tongue through the mid-palate and down the back of the throat. Luscious and rich, velvety and silky. High proof bracing – clean & fresh – not sticky and cloying. Lovely lingering rounded mouthfeel. Chocolate flavors last forever. Handcrafted Small Batch Cacao Nib & Honey Infusion
  • Brand: Copper and Kings
  • Category: Spirits
  • Class: Liqueur
  • Type: Chocolate Liqueur
  • Origin: USA - Kentucky
  • ABV/Proof: 90
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • Package Size: 750 ml
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  • Aisle: 15

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