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Quari Ice Spheres 12 Pack

  • Quari Ice Spheres 12 Pack
12 Pack Box
There is a growing movement in the cocktails and drinks industry, but it isn’t centered around the pairing of flavors and alcohols. Rather, it centers around the ice. Craft ice, that is. So what is craft ice? Craft ice is a specially designed type of ice that comes multiple forms. Craft ice is typically a bigger block or sphere, which means it will take longer to melt than the ice your freezer makes. There is some science at play here that makes this happen, but on the whole, the more surface area, the more likely ice is to melt and dilute your drink. This is important because, without ice melting, your drink wouldn’t be cooled. But the dilution part of it is great to a point, and then your drink starts tasting watered down. Cubes measure 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • Brand: Quari Ice
  • Category: Spirits
  • Class: Cocktail Mixer
  • Type: Cocktail Ice
  • Origin: USA - Illinois
  • Volume: 54 oz.
  • Package Size: 12 Pack
  • In Stock (2)
  • Aisle: 8

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