Cat Toys Advent Calendar

  • Cat Toys Advent Calendar
25 piece Box
Your cat has been good all year, so why not include them in the holiday countdown with a Merry & Bright Holiday Advent Calendar of their very own. This purr-fect 25-day advent calendar for cats if the perfect way to add more happy to their holiday. 25 toys mean plenty of opportunities for your kitty to hunt and stalk and swat and pounce to her heart's content. Each and every toy is either holiday-themed or comes in holiday colors, with internal accessories including catnip and bells to pique your cat's interest even more. Add it all up and it promises to make this the most special holiday season ever for your feline friend.
  • Brand: Merry and Bright
  • Category: And More
  • Class: Food
  • Type: Cat Toys
  • Origin: USA - AZ
  • Volume: 25 piece
  • Package Size: 25 piece
  • Out of Stock
  • Aisle: 10

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